Luminous Youth gives youth the opportunity to explore themselves. To delve deeply into what inspires them and to learn life skills.

To allow this, Luminous Youth empowers parents and those around the youth to have the tools to know how to facilitate this exploration.

Every human on earth comes with a gift and a passion that is individual to them. It is their gift to the world. And this gift is part of the puzzle for our earth to evolve into a peaceful and creative place.

We are the bridge between youth and the passionate creatives, experts, lovers and dreamers on our planet.

“TRUST CHILDREN. Nothing could be more simple or more difficult. Difficult because to trust children we must first trust ourselves, and most of us were taught as children that we could not be trusted.” ~ John Holt


I have a passion for Truth, Beauty and Humanity. I see the human being only “Being” such a small percentage of our absolute brilliance and I ask Why?
The spiritual journey of conscious motherhood has led me down many paths I never imagined journeying, questioning things I never imagined questioning and finding out truths that have challenged and thrilled me in equal amounts.
I wanted to create this space for the questioner in us all. The part of us that is brave enough to ask, “But why?”. And when the answer doesn’t “touch” us to find the courage to walk the path less travelled. Where the Luminous Youth path will lead, I do not know. I only know when I saw the path it looked so beautiful, luminous in fact and that the souls who have been kind enough to share their wisdom in this project are bravely creating their own original paths,new paths………and THAT is a beautiful thing. May the energy of this movement touch you xxErica Nettle-Chik
Founder of Luminous Youth


Erica and Sally Cusack on Bay FM interview author, herbalist and wise women Susun Weed.

Erica's interview on Bay FM about plant intelligence, parenting and Luminous Youth.

Interview on Bay FM with Sally Cusack where Erica shares the Luminous Youth story.

Erica, Robin Grille, Annie Bryant talk about violence in childrens stories. Is it necessary or is it harming?

“Cherish the moment, let yourself be washed by the love and awe you feel toward your child. If you mind is in the garden, you will miss it.” –  Naomi Aldort


Having worked in circus arts, coached sports teams and provided workshops to children on a range of topics I am passionate about providing memorable opportunities for our youth. The moments that stick in my mind are those where my learning was fun, active and engaging – where we laughed and played and had a great time whilst unknowingly were absorbing great life-skills and values that are truly important to our human happiness.
I’m passionate about providing our youth with exactly this.
I know that when we facilitate learning opportunities that are heart felt and driven by passion the youth welcome the enthusiasm and are eager to immerse themselves in this new learning experience.
Paul Crebar
Creative Director of Luminous Youth


Paul being interviewed on Bay FM talking about what he feels about his journey to become a father. He was interviewed whilst Erica was pregnant.

Paul being interviewed after the birth of his daughter. He shares his experience of the birth and the journey of fatherhood in the first year.

Paul being interviewed before Renew Fest about renewing humanity's relationship with the earth through a focus on parenting.

Paul being interviewed on the Men's Show on Bay FM. Providing insights into his travels, his inspirations and the light he wishes to see in more eyes of our youth.