We welcome you and your youth to seed love inside Cambodian communities at our upcoming fundraiser to support Jenny Blyth (author of Down to Earth Birth and Birth Work) to return to Cambodia to continue training midwives, healthworkers, district trainers and obstetricians.
We provide this event as an opportunity for our youth to lighten the hearts of those less fortunate than themselves by making gift bags (and treasures!) for children in Laos. Jenny will gift these to the children when she visits.
Laos is one of the poorest countries in the world, with a high maternal and infant mortality rate. Luang Prabang province is situated in the north of Laos where it is mountainous and populated with a great number of diverse ethnicities. Most villagers live at subsistence level.
A training was delivered in January and enthusiastically received, with heartfelt requests to return and do a follow-up training in December this year.
The follow up would entail visiting Luang Prabang Province in Northern Laos once again, and each of the district hospitals at Chomphet & Phonesay, where we would facilitate a 3-day workshop with participants coming in from their outlying villages.
Afterwards, Jenny and crew will travel to the most remote villages within each district to gain better insight into the way of life there, and the problems they face. (One young health worker who came from a remote outreach area, rode for 12 hours on a motorbike with her husband and baby to attend the workshop in Luang Prabang.)
This work saves lives, changes lives and empowers women throughout the country.
Jenny hopes to raise $10,000 and we are going to help her! 100% of proceeds from this event will go towards Jenny’s crowd funding campaign.
This will cover bringing participants together and accommodating and feeding them for the duration of training at a district level. This will also cover the cost of a Laos translator, buy supplies and relevant equipment and education materials, and cover accommodation expenses.
Jenny is also in the process of publishing a booklet based on the posters we created for the initial training. This picture booklet with simple reminders and skills will become a template for use in any other culture.
They have also been invited to do further trainings within Laos, so are seeing this project as a long term one.

Eating just 1 egg a day can make a significant difference to a woman and baby’s wellbeing in Laos. In our privileged culture, per week that’s the equivalent value of one cup of bought coffee.

Jenny is raising funds through a GoFundMe campaign which you can also donate too.

For our youth we are utilising this opportunity for them to have fun and create felt bags for the children of Cambodia which Jenny will take with her. The workshop will involve the youth sewing these bags together and placing prayers into the bag. Jenny has advised us this will be received with great gratitude and love and we look forward to sharing this time with you.
Pre-purchase your ‘Bag Making Kit’ online today and join us Friday October 6, 3:30pm – 5pm at Mullumbimby Community Gardens. If you are unable to attend the Friday a bag can still be purchased and picked up and returned from Santos Organics Mullumbimby on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Please detail this when purchasing your ‘Bag Making Kit’. Instructions will be provided.

This event is proudly supported by Pregnancy Birth and Beyond Media.



Lao Birthwork Bag Making Kit - Pick up and drop off only$15.00This ticket provides one bag making kit to pick upand drop off from Santos Organics Mullumbimby. This confirms you will not attend the workshop at MCG.

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Lao Birthwork Bag Making Kit - Attending Workshop$15.001 bag making kit to fundraise for Cambodian Birth work training

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