Mullumbimby Community Gardens Children’s Garden

Mondays June 12 & July 17  | 1pm – 2pm


Encounter Byron Bay 

Thursday June 22 & July 20  | 1pm – 2pm

Free of charge. RSVP necessary.

The ICU Awareness Program launches August 2017 and we are very excited!

ICU Awareness Program is for children aged 6 to 12 years old.

It is a non-invasive self-empowerment program that provides youth with the tools and wisdom they need to increase their awareness, improve the capacity of their mind, build self confidence and utilise their third eye to a greater capacity. It develops a true understanding and experience of the spiritual dimensions of themselves.

Story telling is utilised to heal any trauma the child may carry to allow for greater clarity within their life and decisions.

To reap the full benefits of this program it is recommended the child engages in 10 sessions over 10 weeks.

Having completed our Certificate we are currently offering Information Sessions to the community to give a greater understanding of this pioneering new, simple and effective process to empower our youth.

We welcome you to the future of Luminous Youth.

With ongoing practice children can develop amazing skills with long lasting impacts. 


ICU Awareness Information Session
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