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Igniting children's light

ICU Program with Luminous Youth

Launching 2017

Luminous Youth offers the ICU program to children aged 5 though to 15. Paul Crebar is soon to be a registered ICU Practitioner having completed his certificate with the Academy in 2017.

ICU stands for Inspiring Children Universally. It is an old practice that has been revised to accomodate to the current time and culture of our western world. It’s origins are not clear however it has been known to be practiced in countries including Russia, China and Mexico where it has been passed down from generation to generation.
It has been brought to Australia in 2017 by Karen Osborne in partnership with Nicola Farmer who have been practicing this for the past 3 years in U.K. and Canada with extremely positive results. Luminous Youth was lucky enough to be involved in the first teacher training program and is excited to offer this to the community.
ICU is dedicated to igniting the spiritual awareness of children between the age of 6-12 years old.
During this time, children’s left brain, the logical side, is not active allowing for this process to successfully awaken a child’s spiritual awareness. This impacts on their self-confidence, learning abilities and general awareness of the world around them.
They are further able to use their inner light to see the physical world without the use of their physical eyes.
A vital part of this modality is healing trauma stored within the child. Thus sessions include story-telling told by the child and initiated by the teacher. As a child undertakes the practice and sessions, they releases trauma and their abilities improve. The practice requires the child to sit blindfolded in a chair and to undertake direction from the ICU Teacher.
The ICU teacher is required to have completed the ICU Teacher Training and received certification. This equips the teacher with the necessary understanding of the correct guidance and techniques used to empower the child and ‘ignite’ their inner light.
All children vary in their ability and the speed at which their light becomes clear enough and strong enough to use. Many factors come into play that influence this including their mental state and well-being, whether they have been stimulated by computers or the t.v., whether they are tired, hungry etc. Different sessions also reveal different outcomes.
The full program consists of 10 x 60-75 minute sessions over a 10 week period. To gain positive results the child must also create a daily pattern of practice that is supported and encouraged by a responsible adult. Consistency is pivotal to encourage the brain to become familiar with the melatonin creation occurring in the brain whilst blindfolded. 


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