Luminous Youth offerings are dedicated to connection. We do this so that we as parents and our children have the strongest possible bond with ourselves, each other and nature. Research shows this leads to better mental and physical health and heightens emotional intelligence and awareness. It also improves our relationships with each other.

We know that much wisdom is held within plants and in respect of this, our offerings use the energy and constitution of different plants to amplify the opportunity you or your children have to strengthen connections. To read more about our specific offerings, including how we use plants to generate the music you here click on one of our offerings below.



Coming soon…. Harnessing the wisdom of nature to journey inwards to gather knowledge from the heart of the world.  For mothers, fathers and youth. Coming soon.


Connecting youth to the subtle realms of reality through experiential lessons. Encouraging connection to self, other and the planet with the development of practical and useful  skills. Launches August 2017.