“Education should exist – should just be – all around us; it is the very essence of life itself.” – Simon Paul Harrison


Adolescence! The Awkward Age? or The Age of Magnificence?
Public Workshop with Robin Grille

Thursday 29 June | 7:00pm – 9:00pm | Coorabell Hall, Coorabell

This presentation is for parents, grandparents and teachers of adolescents – or of soon-to-be adolescents. Although it can be an exciting and transformative life-stage, adolescence can also be full of anguish, chaos and peril. It is not unusual for parents and elders to feel helpless, afraid and disconnected from their young.

This workshop empowered parents with tools to better connect and understand their adolescent relationships. 

We are very happy that the crowd were so engaged and question time went an extra 2 hours beyond our expectation.

Thanks to Pregnancy Birth and Beyond Radio, Renew Fest and the Uncle Project for their support at this event.


Wednesday 28 June, 9:30am – 2:30pm | Ubuntu Blue, Wilsons Creek

An intimate experiential workshop for mothers and fathers, with Robin Grille – Author of Parenting for a Peaceful World, and Heart-to-Heart Parenting

A unique opportunity to reflect, learn, connect and grow. You may not know it, but your own life as a child and adolescent is one of the strongest influences on how you parent today. We are excited to be able to offer this full day workshop with Robin that will leave us all skilled to be able to take others on inner child journeys in the future.  


Luminous Youth is stoked to be supporting the Humanity Renewal Pod at Renew Fest 2017 in collaboration with First Light Mullumbimby.

It’s so exciting that we can celebrate the hope and positive action for the future of humanity with parenting educator Robin Grille attending as the festival patron. It’s a pivotal time in the global sustainability movement to have child rearing as a central theme to focus on! If we want to create a peaceful and harmonious world parents are our great activistis!

Renew Fest is a pioneering waste-free sustainability festival crowdfunding to transition our town to be 100% renewable by 2020! Thanks to all the crew at COREM for seeding this event and to the major sponsors Santos Organics, We Refill and Econic Design.

The six themes of the festival are Humanity Renewal, Our Food, Renewable Energy, Human Habitat, Ethical Economics and Nature’s Biodiversity. Alongside talks, panels, and workshops their is kids activities, under 16’s are free, dancing will take place and it is at the most beautiful location on earth.

To find out more about the festival and to purchase your tickets visit

Photo credit: Ingrid Pullen Photography


Join Luminous Youth as we encourage a new question to be asked at Christmas time. Rather than asking “what are you getting?”, we are asking our youth “what are you giving?” and have prepared a family-fun event. Our youth will create up-cycled toiletry bags, make homemade toothpaste with ingredients donated by Santos Organics, and make Christmas cards. We will put all these together alongside a bamboo toothbrush donated by MiEco to make this Mullumbimby Christmas a little bit different.

We believe the homeless of Mullumbimby will be very grateful to be thought of at this time of year and a small practical gift will spread some love into their lives.

Hope you can join us for this creative community event.

Date: Wednesday 7th December
Time: 1pm – 3pm
Location: Santos Organics Courtyard, Mullumbimby

How you can support this event?
If you have kids then join us and get creating! If you don’t we have set up a Community Funding Pool with Santos Organics Mullumbimby where donations can be made. 100% of donations will be providing refills of soap for the homeless of Mullumbimby. We are hoping with your support we will be able to ensure the Mullumbimby Neighbourhood Centre has enough soap and shampoo to provide the homeless for the entire 2017!

Thank you so much for organising such a valuable contribution to our community. My daughter and her friend were probably the oldest kids there, but they were made feel included, and the process of creating gifts for those who may not receive, touched their hearts, making them into even better angels. Thank you

Susie Cadsky


Thank you Paul, for being such a role model for our sons, they need it!

Eka Eiff


Thank you Erica and Paulie for your vision and inspiration for us all!

Sally Cusack



Join Luminous Youth for an interactive experience into sound with Elijah Ray (Hawaii, United States)  and the Band of Light.

This event will immerse our youth in sound baths, rhythm fun, voice looping and a whole lot more ear & heart tantalising pleasure.

We look forward to sharing this unique experience with the families of our community.

Date: Thursday 10th November
Time: Arrive 3:15pm. Starts at 3:30pm. Ends 4:30pm.
Location: The Forest House, 334 Friday Hut Rd, Possum Creek.
Bring: Your water bottle and rug to sit on (optional)
Cost: $10 per child

To learn more about Elijah Ray visit him on BandCamp or Facebook. His music is a beautiful reminder of the power of positive intentions and the tapestry they weave in the world around us.

Luminous Youth, you guys are amazing!

Chrissie Fire-Mane Charley


Awesome ! So much fun for all. So glad we got to be a part of it!

Karen Eivers



We are thrown into a whole new world when we become fathers and everything changes. Often we enter this new stage of our life with little preparation nor a true understanding about the challenges that will arise and how to potentially navigate them. There is definitely not one right answer, however, by calling on a network of conscious fathers in our community we hope to create a connection point to inspire information sharing, open dialogue, wins and challenges so together we may present our youth with more centred, present, loving fathers and partners.

Details: First Wednesday of every month, 6:30am – 8:15am. No charge. For more details contact us.


Date: Saturday 23 May
Time: 10am – 2pm

An experiential workshop for all interested in deepening their understanding of creating Luminous youth.
A solution based journey drawing on your own intuition,  cutting edge science, healing tools, ancient wisdom and reconnecting us to a state of trust.
“Trust children.
Nothing could be more simple or more difficult.
Difficult because in order to trust children we must first trust ourselves.
And most of us were taught as children that we could not be trusted.”
-John Holt

You will
– Create or refine the way you parent by trusting and using your intuition.
– Connect, understand and move past  patterns created in your childhood so that you are coming from a conscious place in relating.
– Explore the science behind the heart/ brain connection and how that profoundly effects how our children and ourselves learn and behave.
– Meditation techniques to become coherent  & nourish so we may give from a more authentic and effective place.
– The essential role of “freedom” in the new paradigm.
– Connect and share with others choosing the road less traveled.



Luminous Youth is excited to be holding space at Uplift , creating a home base for Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and the Earth Guardians, as well as a coordinating workshops and panels with slam poet Luka Lesson, Canadian Youth Activist Rachel Parent, “Nude Food” revolutionist Paul Crebar, balance master Joshee Mannix, nature artist Imbi Davidson and many more.

Luminous Youth is a space for youth to learn, share and shine in the highest light. Drawing on the harmonious wisdom of ancient cultures, cutting edge science, spiritualism, true history and raw experience, LY aims to inspire a radical reinterpretation of how we educate our youth by offering transformative, solutions-based workshops and events for kids of all ages.

“It was the Uplift Festival that inspired me to make the Luminous Youth dream into a reality. The name came to me after the Dawn Ceremony in 2012, helping bring to life our vision of connecting youth with conscious elders and teachers who are passionate about sharing their gifts.” – Luminous Youth Founder Erica Nettle-Chik


Kulcha Jam has invited Luminous Youth to come and experience some time with the beautiful Tibetan Monks from Sera Mey Yerpa Monestary.

They will be offering a Tibetan drumming (Choe Drumming) workshop, a mala making workshop and demonstrations including Tibetan Buddhist story/music/ dance/culture. The monks are from Sera Mey Yerpa Monastery and will be at Kulchajam for a week creating a medicine buddha sand mandala. They are raising funds for the creation of a prayer hall in Uki.

Some background I found on the web:
In the 1950s, Sera monastery in Tibet was been totally destroyed and monks sent home, imprisoned or forced to disrobe. However, 20 years ago the Tibetans in exile in India re-established Sera in Mysore, South India. The re-established Sera now has over 4,500 monks living and studying there and has a great responsibility to preserve the culture and unique tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The present Sera Mey Monastic University currently has nearly 1500 monks studying the 5 Great texts and major disciplines of Logic, Tibetan Grammar, Buddhist studies, Medicine and creative arts, leading on to a Geshe degree. It includes its own Sera Mey Primary School with around 200 students and 18 staff and a social environment center including a health dispensary with 6 permanent workers. Through this university the monks of Sera Mey continue to teach and practice the religious customs and traditions of Tibet.


Chrissie Fire-Mane knows the power of the voice to express and heal and looks forward to a colourful workshop, helping our children feel freedom and certainty that they can express themselves.

To all the most spiritually evolved societies and cultures our planet has seen, sonic vibration was and is known as the fundamental creative force in the universe. Sound healing is a sacred science and has been used by ancient mystery schools of Egypt, Greece, India, Peru, Africa and within other advanced groups all over the planet.

From its roots as a shamanic medicinal art, sound healing has moved and expanded into a myriad of forms and modalities, from tuning forks, toning and overtoning, using music therapeutically, cymatics, bio-acoustics etc.

We know that sound has the ability to move and change molecular structure. We also know that every object is in a state of vibration and therefore creates sound with that vibration. All your physical organs and your chakras are vibrating at a certain frequency and whether or not they are in a state of health denotes the particular frequency they are vibrating at. Together we can use sound to shift the frequency of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self.
My qualifications lie in my experiences and through the fruits that I bear, which are the deepest sense of self-fulfilment, two sparkling healthy children, deep spiritual and emotional connections with family and friends, an overflowing fountain of creative ideas and ventures, the ability to always communicate clearly and with integrity, growing financial abundance, a wonderful relationship with our planet and a fit and healthy body that radiates the state of joy that I now feel daily.
I am an actress, a poet, an explorer, a pioneer, a champion of the human spirit. I am an entertainer, a host, a chef and a gardener. I am a dreamer, a dancer and I tell it like it is. I am a romantic, a darer and I am the logistics queen with her eye on it all. I am a musician, a teacher, a writer and an inspiration unto myself.
~ Christina Fire-Mane Honey-voice


Byron Hinterland Seed Savers invites you to celebrate “Act for Seed & Food Freedom” fortnight with a farm tour, community picnic and seed sharing affair with One Organic, CO-OP Kulcha, Nude Your Food & Luminous Youth Movement.

11:00 am:
Farm Tour of One Organic led by Kieran Weston.
Nude Your Food & Luminous Youth Movement Creative Kids Workshop – A journey into astrological signs and the moon and their effect on us and the plants we grow. Alongside pot making, seed saving and a whole lot more!

12:30 pm:
Shared reading of ‘Seed Freedom Declaration,’ celebrating and honouring true food in our region. Followed by community picnic with seed / tubor / cuttings / bounty sharing.

Byron Hinterland Seed Savers operate under the Seed Savers network and continue to move ahead with creating a localised seed sharing network for our community. We meet quarterly to share locally grown seed, cutting etc all for free. It’s the best to start your new vege patch or simply add something new.

One Organic will provide a tour of their Organic Farm and introduce the forest floor farming technique that can be applied to both farms and home gardens. Alongside this will be a workshop of Biodynamic compost tea making as well as other tips on managing pests and disease in the garden.

• Seeds, cuttings, tubors, plants and seedlings to share with the community. (if you don’t have any come and start your collection!)
• Envelopes / containers for your seeds.
• A plate of nude finger food for a picnic lunch. (That means no disposable plastic please!)
• Drinks and a cup.
• Picnic rug to sit on.
• $3 donation for BHSS LSN Fees


Luminous Youth is so excited to welcome Food Revolutionist, Paul Crebar from “Nude your Food” to this months gathering.
We had some an amazing fun filled day of smiles at the Nude your food celebration that we wanted to share some of Pauls’ Magic with you all!!
He is offering a a creative combination of expressive movement, facilitated research and unified~Planet based learning to connect, inspire and evolve our future Love filled Creators!!! With a healthy dose of cheekiness!!So looking forward to connecting with you all again. Its been a longer break this time so am looking forward to seeing you all soon!!
Weather permitting we can carry on the fun at Main beach park after for those wanting to keep playing!!
www.nudeyourfood.comWarmest Blessing to all of the Luminous Tribe and please feel free to pass this on to whoever you think may want to join in ♥


We are so very blessed to have Adam Collett coming to share who, among many things, has created “Pyraminds from Above” series pictured below. My children love getting together and creating their own versions of these and is what has inspired this!!

He will be sharing
~ how he allows these images to unfold (with plenty of room for individual creative expression)
~how he uses the vibration of song to activate the creation
~the importance & joy of sending our creations out into the world
Each child and parent will be creating their own art piece, will learn song and receive a “gifting crystal” to activate and send the energy our creations out into our community.

Everything supplied so just bring yourselves and an open heart ♥

These workshops will be smaller than the gatherings and more focused in their nature so numbers will be limited. We are making a request that those who book are really wanting to create. Blessings


So excited to offer this workshop to the Luminous Folk!!
Joshee Mannix Byron Bay Balance Master will facilitate a fun filled, focused workshop sharing his passion for life, Balance and slacklining. And I must warn you, It is CONTAGIOUS!!!For this workshop we will gather at Threeworlds Byron Bay and hear some inspiring words from Joshee on balancing the mind body and spirit using the slackline. followed by a demonstration and interactive slackline experience!We have one at home and the whole family uses it at different times. I have found it to be such an amazing tool for instant feedback as to how present I am within my life. If I’m not present, Im off!!! Plus lots of hearty belly laughs and great fitness….
Please note, parents can totally do it to! 🙂
Slacklining can be described as walking, balancing or doing various tricks on a line tensioned between two anchors (trees most often). It may seem similar to tightrope walking, however the slackline webbing is flat and broader (1 or 2 inches for example), and the line itself is not perfectly tight – rather stretchy and dynamic.
Through breathing techniques and awareness of self and body movements, slackline is the perfect tool for slowing down the mind and getting into the FEELING of what you are doing! It can be used as
· A physical workout (core strength and stabilizer muscles)
· A mental workout (reaction time, increase neural pathways between left and right hemispheres)
· Sports training (proprioception and balance, all sports require it!)
· Rehabilitation (great for knee and ankle injuries)
· Recreation (tricks and stunts)
· A form of Meditation (find that quiet place inside)
· Balance Therapy (inner strength)
· As a form of Yoga and Tai Chi (moving meditation)
And anything else you can think of, because it can be done anywhere there are two points to attach to, you are bound only by your imagination!
Check out for more info. Slackline kits also available on the day!


I am so passionate about connecting youth with artists who create using consciousness to inspire their works.So I am really thrilled to offer this workshop to our Luminous Tribe!!! Matt is a beautiful soul, amazing artist and dynamic musician who is so open and willing to share with our youth….

Art expression is a family friendly workshop that goes far
beyond improving ones artistic abilities. It is all about
becoming more confident and comfortable expressing
ones self. combining aspects of sacred geometry, reiki,
metaphysics, meditation,yoga and alchemy. Art expression
is a social and open place where people can explore there
creative side while learning in a fun and playful manner.

Mathew’s (Celelstial Serpent) art is all about trying to visually capture the essence of spiritual concepts. He is very interested in sacred symbols and there esoteric use with in ceremonial and spiritual traditions. He claims that for thousands perhaps even millions of years man has used symbols as a means of more deeply understand the interconnected nature of consciousness. Symbolism is a language of its own that has been used throughout the mystery schools and religious institutions of the world to communicate with ones subconscious mind for better or worse. Through years of research and experimentation Mathew has come to understand the immense metaphysical power of certain symbols and images. He uses this knowledge of symbolism, ancient mathematics, metaphysics and sacred geometry to create mandalas and artworks that are encoded with good intentions, sacred knowledge and powerful messages of love.

Check out some of Matts works here ~

Luminous Youth is a not-for-profit project of Mullum S.E.E.D.  Donations are 100% tax deductible.