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A journey of connection

Photo credit: Ingrid Pullen Photography


Launching 2018


The Path to Peace is a three stage journey into conscious, connected and fulfilled living for youth between the ages of 5 to 15.
Engaging in a range of revolutionary practices and experiences, the journey consists of three semesters all 10 weeks each, plus 3 additional information/connection sessions in semester breaks. The complete duration of the journey therefore will take 38 weeks.
Module 1 delves into the self through one-on-one sessions to fully realise their true nature and connect with their inherent abilities through the ICU Program.
Module 2 is group based consisting of 6-10 youth per meeting. This module delves into connecting with ‘others’, whether it be for example people, plants or animals.
Module 3 is action based consisting of facilitated and mentor supported individual or group work. This provides the youth an opportunity to make a real world impact through action based projects.

Luminous Youth is a
not-for-profit project of Mullum S.E.E.D.  

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