HANDCRAFTED SACRED MOTHER INFUSED OIL – Motherwort / Lavender / Chamomile – 50ml

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Nourishing yourself is nourishing your family.
The ancient practice of Herbal Body Oiling will nourish your nervous, lymphatic and immune system with oils and specific plants.
A simple yet powerful ritual that will ground you in the beauty of your body.

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This oil was made with the following prayer/intention.
Dear Mother your heart is ever expanding.
A Mother’s arms are always giving.
A Mother’s womb is a place of ultimate creation.
A Mother’s legs are paving the way.
This nurturing oil is created especially for Mothers.

Handcrafted Sacred Mother Infused Oil invites you to crawl onto her loving lap and to “be”.
Motherwort has an affinity with the heart. Easing heartache, anxiety and overwhelm.
She calms a restless nervous system and soothes cramps especially those related to the feminine cycles.
She mothers the Mother filling her cup with calm.
Lavender is a dear friend to any Mother. She lifts us from fatigue and is like a warm hug when our journey is challenging.
Chamomile is a great healer both of the skin and she brings a sense of peace.
A handcrafted infused herbal oil is made by hand using the whole plant.
These oils have a profound effect on the nervous system taking us into a parasympathetic state.
Our skin is primed to take in fat-based substances and the nerves instantaneously take in the medicine of the herbs.
By body oiling regularly you are creating a layer of nourishing protection around your body.

All plants are homegrown and harvested with their permission
Our plants are loved and respected. They are our teachers and our friends.
May the energy of this permeate your journey with this Oil.

Know thyself… Self-massage is a powerful and grounding ritual that will nourish your nervous, lymphatic and immune systems as well as get to know your whole body intimately. Rub into your skin as a sacred act of self-care.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Homegrown with love Motherwort, Lavender & Chamomile, Organic Cold Pressed Olive Oil.

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