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What are your biggest parenting challenges right now?


I’m challenged with having and homeschooling children of such differing ages. Four children between 3-16 yrs bends my mind a lot. My three year old daughter needs gentle presence where I am needing to access the imaginal realms and hold space from there. Whereas my older children, 11-16 yrs, require a very embodied energy of holding space for their growth and learning.

The logistics of their classes and their actual home learning is so full and complicated that is asks me to snap out of this present imaginal space with my toddler and become logical. 

This has created some friction and tension for all as I’ve struggled to navigate this with grace at times. 
I’m learning that organisation is the key. I’ve been quite free flowing in my parenting thus far and being a dreamy person I’ve loved that. 

But parenting within this new dynamic is teaching me how to be in two worlds simultaneously. It’s asking me to strengthen the masculine action side of myself which is perfect timing. 
While my ability to access the unseen realms is strong. My ability to actually bring my learnings through into the 3D and actually do something tangible with it needs development. 

As always my children are guiding me through my struggles and discomfort on how to strengthen this and I’m learning through them new skills and ways of being. 


My biggest challenge right now is to always remember to see situations through the eyes of my child and step-children and not get frustrated when they don’t meet my ‘adult (silly!!) expectations’.

I need to remember that kids are often in a flow-state when undertaking their creative and homeschooling activities and that makes doing logical things like putting things away or off the middle of the walkway irrelevant to them, and then often it gets forgotten about.

I need to remember that everyone is doing their best to remember and that all these children are so well-intentioned that they simply forgot – and therefore my frustration is my own attachment to a preconceived expectation.

I’m often challenged in my own mind whether to say anything or just clean it up myself. It’s something that I’m not consistent with and probably should figure out in my head and then just act one way or the other.

I must say however, that I have definitely improved in this space. Five years ago coming from a house with just me in it to welcoming in a ready made, 3 homeschool-kids-family pressed my ‘organised home’ buttons a lot but now my responses to the above are sooo much better! I’m learning woo hoo!

These little teachers making me see my attachments each and every day for which I am grateful.

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