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“Children are not adults-in-the-making; they are not clay to be molded. They are children, and that is that. Our task is to wonder at them, to learn about ourselves through our relationships with them. It is also important to remind ourselves that children are not “them”—they are “us.” – Robin Grille


From ‘her’ and from ‘him. About motherhood, fatherhood and raising luminous youth.


Video’s, articles, books and more. Our favourite pieces to inspire courage and amplify love – for all parents of the world.

Interviews by Us

We speak to psychologists, coaches, parenting specialist, mothers, sound healers and more.

On the Radio

Paul & Erica share stories, antidotes, reflections and more on radio.

Luminous Youth is a
not-for-profit project of Mullum S.E.E.D.  

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