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Experiences and workshops for little people that nourish the heart, mind & spirit.

Nourishing connection to self, other and this magical earth.



We offer weekly classes & workshops (online program coming in 2020) focused on connecting kids, youth and parents to themselves, each other and this magical earth. We do this through deep exploration, joyful play and meaningful creativity. 


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Inspired by 20 years of research that reshapes the
way we understand children and the need to regularly nourish their spiritual self.

“In the realm of human experience there is no single factor that will protect your adolescent like a personal sense of spirituality.”
– Lisa Miller PhD

Spirituality is more essential to thriving and success than ability to perform. Spiritual children have a sense of inner worth, a sense of the lasting, higher sacred self, much bigger than the day’s win or defeat. And when they achieve their goals – that better job, or that higher income – the studies show that well-grounded, spiritually engaged young people can actually feel fulfilled by their life choices.”  – Lisa Miller PhD

“Natural spirituality, in fact, appears to be the single most significant factor in children’s health and their ability to thrive.” – Lisa Milled PhD

“Our children can be our impetus for spiritual discovery, our muses or guides, and at times the source of illumination.” – Lisa Miller PhD
“Biologically we are hardwired for spiritual connection. Spiritual development is for our species a biological and psychological imperative from birth.” Lisa Miller PhD
“Our findings show that natural spirituality exists as a human capacity – just as EQ and IQ are commonly acknowledged human capacities – and is associated clearly with life success and satisfaction” – Lisa Miller PhD
Thanks for organising such a valuable contribution to our community! Susie Cadsky - Mother

Thank you Paul for being such a good role model for our sons. They need it!

Eka Eiff - Mother

Thank you Erica and Paul for your vision and inspiration to us all! Sally Cuscack - Mother

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