Homeschooling was new to me when I met Erica. I’m actually unsure if I had ever heard of it. As far as I know I didn’t know anyone who was ever homeschooled and it totally intrigued me. I remember the talks we had about the ways she educates and the things she does which were totally fascinating. I didn’t do much research at this time though – I just witnessed the learning of her kids and it definitely was different to the way I learnt in my early years of life. No tests, no ‘have to’s’, so much nature and play!

Upon the birth of my child

I did however take a deep interest upon the imminent birth of my first child. I really wanted to understand school and the history of it – why I felt like I wasted so much time there. Hours of hours of stuff that I have no idea about now cause I rote learnt it to pass an exam. I’m sure many of us can relate to this? So I wanted to understand why some kids thrive ( I did) there whilst others don’t (some of my closest friends). I wanted to understand someone’s view who has been in it and was well versed on the political, scientific and social aspects of schooling. With over 40 years experience and having been involved across multiple countries John became my man.

Why revolutionising education is necessary

When I found this book via an online essay of John’s it totally had me hooked very quickly. This book examines the increasing need to revolutionise the education system across the globe. It argues (with very good points) that educating children to be good pupils is a detriment to themselves and our society. It argues that we need to prepare youth to be good citizens and not go against the natural grain of the adolescent brain – which he argues current schooling does.

Biologically and socially the science tells us so

John doesn’t just argue his points however, he goes into the biological and social sciences or learning and education and discusses his struggles, and I’m sure many more, with trying to change policy and create a future that understands teenagers and puts them in the best position to thrive.

It actually says some super powerful things about fathers too which I loved. The role we use to play of sharing our skills through mentoring is something that gave our role as fathers an ever important part in the formation of society. With the industrial revolution however everything changed. Get along and get your copy if understanding the education system inspires you. It was super powerful for me!

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