Our latest event on Wednesday 7th December was a huge success with 40 Christmas gifts ready to be delivered to the Neighbourhood Centre for the homeless of Mullumbimby.

Around 20 youth attended the event aged 1 through to 15 and helped create practical gifts with messages filled with love

The event was very beautiful.

Thank you to all so much for coming and creating magic together.

What warms my heart the most is when I take a moment to look around and I see a rable of parents, dogs and kids of all ages. Some I know some I’ve only just met. Like some crazy beehive. I love that moment so much.

We made beautiful cards, upcycled bags, soap and wove heartfelt wishes of love and courage into our toothpaste.

May those without homes feel this when they use these gifts. May they know they are truly loved by their community.

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