I am so deeply thankful for yesterday’s Luminous youth workshop with Elijah Ray. Years ago I sat I that exact spot and visioned this and many other things. I felt so strongly in my heart that the way to change the world is through our kids. Giving them opportunities to be inspired.

It seemed so ridiculous and far fetched. I was a mumma with three little bubbas.

Who was I??

But it happened. All these years later.

I planted a lemurian Quartz right where Elijahis sitting six years ago. NEVER under estimate what moves you. It IS your mission. Your responsibility to see it through. As always I learned so much. I find that. Do you?? That just when you reach “that place” you realise how you need to do it better lol. Thankful to all who made this happen.

Elijah Ray you are pure magik, you inspire me onward, Paul Crebar you are my love, my life, my future.

Suebee Fae I bloody love you and David Geitz for the forest house and to the kids!!!! The children!! You guys keep it real. You are my teachers and I bow to you all.

Love Erica.

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