Neuroscience has come along way since the modern-day schooling system was established. The idea of sitting still in a classroom and being fed information poses excellently-bad challenges and limitations to the human mind and body. 

And if you are like me, you may remember microscopic amounts of many subjects that you learned in your school chair, sitting still and straight…. wait no, more like still & slouching. 

It’s common knowledge amongst most, but definitely, the academic and scientific community that the brain and body are not separate functioning systems. “In fact, neuroscientific studies have demonstrated that processing of objects, spatial information, music, faces, flavours, odours, and also mere thinking of these concepts evokes sensorimotor responses, i.e., body-related activity in the brain (Pulvermuller, 1999, 2001; Pulvermüller, 2005)” as states Manuela Macedonia in her article ‘Embodied Learning: Why at School the Mind Needs the Body.’

For this reason, Luminous Youth takes this modern-day wisdom and applies it to our classes and workshops. We share meaningful subjects about life and provide an engaging movement filled class whereby the kids learn not only through listening but playing, moving, creating, crafting and embodying the information they receive. We inspire the mind and the body to move through the information we share so that it is integrated into the functioning system of the participants. 

The Training Ground

By doing so, we provide the training ground for when real-life situations arise. For as we journey in life, it is much easier to replicate actions our body knows and has experienced before right? 

We can consider a martial artist for an example. To produce the incredible feats of their mind and body at times of crisis they practice their craft over and over again. They exhibit a calm mind, swift responses and intense focus. They embody their practice through repetition and more repetition still.

Well, we can replicate this wisdom of embodied learning with the skills of life. Skills that combat nerves or panic. Skills that create methods for staying true to one’s heart. Or skills that support not getting dragged into group-think or group-action, which is adolescent years may be monumental. 

Through our embodied learning approach, we can share wisdom to the mind and the body together. We can ensure the kids who come to our classes leave with the best possible opportunity to grow and learn with an embodied understanding of the lesson presented. 

We can ensure that this life skill has its maximum impact, and is more than a set of strung together words. It’s lived, it’s practised, it’s woven into their inner tapestry.

Success Redefined

For our little people with such a rapidly changing world, the concept of success is changing equally as fast. For us at Luminous Youth we aim to foster success in all the kids we share to. But we define success differently to perhaps the societal norm.

Success for us is about living authentically and connected to our spirit. Success is journeying through life, riding the ups and down gracefully, being in awe at the triumphs and the tribulations, and always being able to find our inner compass to light the right direction. 

The Inner Compass

Our inner compass will guide us in the right direction no matter what the circumstance or what logic may reveal. Because frankly, sometimes logic is simply not correct. 

We provide tools, tactics and the training ground for our little people to practice the hurdles and obstacles that life throws at them. A training ground to embody the skills of life that are not the path of the intellectual. Not the way of thinking, but instead the way of ‘being’ with what is and knowing how to act. Not how to react.

By our standards, we are providing not only a successful new model of learning but necessary life skills that support the development of grounded, skilled, and thriving adults (om come!) in a rapidly changing and unknown future. 


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