There are eye-widening questions we may get asked in our lives. “What is the universe” or “Who made the world?” for example. They are hard enough to answer when someone who’s studied the topics is asked let alone when our child does pose such heavily weighted enquiry.

And perhaps the questioner, sometimes 6 years old for example, has limited understandings about the planet, let alone the universe, or the many many belief systems that consume the minds and hearts of so many. 

And of course, it makes sense for us to not know how to respond. 

Institutionalised “spirituality” loses its place

Since the 1960s (in the western world) the social cohesion brought together by institutionalised religion has been on the constant decline. So many of us 30 & 40-somethings didn’t really have the ‘spirit element’ concentrated on in our everyday community life. It just didn’t hold its place in society as it did in earlier centuries. 

Maybe this was the ticking over into the age of Aquarius. Or maybe the rise of other social groups begun to feed that need for ‘community’. There is probably as many reasons as there are worms in the beautiful sweet-smelling soil of our earth. 

But back to the questions, we may get asked!! 

Not knowing the answers

Fact is we probably don’t know the answers. There are many many thoughts, concepts, ideas and belief systems which tell a story and consume the thoughts (and meditations!) of many. 

Generally, us humans are either on the endless journey of discovery about the nature of humanity and the universe or have decided to stop searching and just accept a given story. 

Maybe parenthood, work, gardening, dancing or thumb-twiddling has taken the priority for now and maybe the search will start again in the future……or maybe not. I guess that’s the luck of free-choice right?

So when we don’t know the answer to a question relating to the spiritual world that our child asks about what do we do!?

It depends on what our intention is.

The questions we need to ask ourself is – Is the spirit of my child important? Does it deserve my focus and attention when a question of that nature is asked? Do I want to nourish that side of my child so they know themselves beyond the physical world?

If your answer is no, then this article is not for you. If your answer is yes, then this article is for you. 

Authenticity builds the relationship

So when we don’t know the answer, that is 100% perfect. Because I’m not sure any of us really know the answer. And what better than true authenticity to build strong, trusting and loving relationships right?

So research tells us what is essential is to take this question and give it the attention, focus and time it deserves.  It is essential to stop doing the dishes or the cleaning, turn off the computer or social media page and look into the eyes of your child and perhaps tell them something like “that is a really great and important question.” It confirms importance, and decades of research tell us that is imperative to keep that part of the child in a place of importance. 

We may be lucky and find that is actually all they were after and they may scamper off again knowing that that question that just arose from the depths of their being is one worth spending lots more time and they will continue to revisit it. 

Or they may want more from us. Being honest with something like “I’d really like to know about that too” is great, or will actually in time to come even be wonder-full!

Go on the journey together

If they do want more from us, it is the perfect doorway that we can then walk through with them to begin exploration of the world of spirit together. 

We may choose one faith to research, or the many faiths, we may choose the spirits of the earth or the angels of the other words. We may explore how plants communicate or play music and respond to stimulus and go from there.  The options are endless.

We can probably find things that totally resonate with our little one pending on their age and interests and this serves the most wonderful purpose of highlighting that their spiritual life is important and worth putting energy into.

And every time we do it, it nourishes their spirit. The impacts of that for lifelong thriving and health are immense. So immense! If you don’t know the work of Dr Lisa Miller over the past 30 years you need to get onto it. It’s the must-know for any parent of the modern world.

So to recap we don’t need answers but we do need to make time to go on the journey with them. And no doubt exploring such a mysterious and wonderful world of spirit will never cease to inspire, intrigue and create wonder-filled moments together. 

Parenting is so much more enjoyable and easier when there is a strong connection right? Well, what better way to connect than connecting over your wondrous and almighty spirits. 

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