Luminous Youth brings ‘Adventure Moves’ to Mullumbimby in an innovative new program that nourishes the spirit within you and your child. Designed for 4 & 5-year-olds – our ‘Glow Worms’, with parent involvement essential, this dynamic movement, sound, song and simple craft-based hour delivers a playful, fun and laughter-filled adventure into wondrous imaginative worlds that nourish the spirit.

Through play we go on an imaginative adventure where we embody the story, live it out (hopefully laugh and giggle a lot) and learn! We may visit Mars by solar-power rocket to witness the outcomes of willpower or the land of the gnomes to experience the outcomes of patience and persistence. We may catch a bus (where the wheels go round and round of course!) inside our own heart to discover the learnings available in the dreamworld or swim (like the good bacteria found in probiotic-rich yoghurt!) deep into our own belly to explore how deep breaths calm our nerves and bring our brain back to a good decision making place.

There is so much to explore at our weekly ‘Adventure Moves’ 1 hour sessions and each week brings a wonderful short song that can be sung wherever one does please. Yep, we’ve got songs and they are good! Short, sweet, deep and pungent!

Facilitated by Paul Crebar, he brings his 20 years of coaching experience with children of all ages to the arena (grassy patches and fun little rooms in Mullumbimby can be arena’s right?). Combine this with love of yoga, circus, clowning, cheeky songwriting and his ability to express deep concepts through simple story, ‘Adventure Moves’ is the new way to keep kids connected to their spirit whilst having a jolly great time with you by their side. Yes, connection, nourishment and joy together – all in one bundle of Mullumbimby goodness.

Now we know this is new, and we know new can be scary (or exciting of course too!) and that’s why we are giving you the first session for free. So you and your little folk can experience ‘Adventure Moves’, get the vibe, understand what it’s about and go from there – we are pretty damn confident you’ll be back and we are excited about that! We’ve got lots to share!

You can also stay up-to-date with ‘Adventure Moves’ weekly forecast + we’ll be revealing why we choose play, laughter, song and movement to tell meaningful story at our Facebook Group Page and via our newsletter. We’ll also be blogging some super neat facts about the new science on parenting for health and lifelong thriving and other juicy things we’ve got stored in our growing research folders and overflowing bookshelves. Oh so much to come!

Join our Facebook group, sign up for our newsletter and come get your ‘Glow Worm’ on with us this February. For full details and to make a booking visit us here.

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