Wildness could be seen as endangered these days.

We, as a culture have become so civilised, so deeply separated from the wilderness, that the call within us has becoming but a whisper.
We are warned as children against dangers of the wild and reminded of the importance of staying “safe”.
We are congratulated for our conforming and chastised for our challenging.
We are cautioned against straying off the path and given accolades for perfecting the well-trodden ways.
But what are the effects on our truest selves? The parts of us that we are born with. The deeply intuitive, strongly connected and profoundly wise soul that yearns to be expressed here in the 3D.
Can we explore and exhibit the unique gifts we arrive here on earth within the current culture?
I say yes. I say as parents it is a rebellious act to enliven and nurture the wildness within our children and ourselves.
To quite literally take them off the well-trodden path into the mysteries and the power that awaits us in the untamed nature.

To allow the wilderness to challenge them to step or leap beyond their comfort zone. To see a child’s face navigating this moment is truly, a most wondrous soul touching sight.

To feed their body a healthy dose of food that has grown wild to remind it of its truth. It nourishes not only their body but their soul.
It is a defiant stance against the domesticated human to acknowledge the unseen as you pass through the forest. To feel inter-dimensionally as you journey along creek beds in silence except the chattering and giggles of children.  To speak your gratefulness to the waters, the rocks and the trees. To open heartedly observe the animals in their wild state and allow it to permeate your being, for children feel this. They are watching you watch and feel the great mystery.
And in their own unique way they will watch and feel too.
And they will know this dance. This deeply fulfilling dance with something so much bigger than themselves with a love so intense it bring tears.
They will know this.
It will be a vital part of who they are. Embedded in their being.
Connection to country.
Connection to our Mother Earth.
Connection to the unseen.
Connection to family
Connection to our intuitive self. Connection to love.

This voice will whisper to them in their most challenging, darkest moments and it will sing to them, inviting them back home to themselves.

The wildness in us is our greatest ally.
Our greatest gift.
Our deepest truth.

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