Luminous Youth was founded at the end of 2012 at a dawn ceremony in Byron Bay.

Celebrating a congregation of indigenous elders, youth leaders, global activists and local residents, Erica listened to the suggestions of Mayan elders saying on this pivotal day write any ideas you may have down and so she did. Luminous Youth was born.

Erica had a deep interest in learning systems since she was a child and now a dedicate mother of 4 she has been preparing herself to present an intergenerational and alternative learning system for her community that she has been crafting over the years.

One that is alive, fluid, new and respectful to the interconnected web of life that we live within. One that would inspire individuality and creativity, encourage environmental stewardship and allow for harmonious and respectful relationships spanning age, location and background.

Her journey of parenting started with a style fed to her by following patterns of the western mainstream culture. With her first child being born Erica understood a child to be an empty vessel needing information to fill them and ensure they have an understanding of the world. This system of parenting however left Erica feeling frustrated and disconnected. It was like she was going against the grain of her inherent mothering nature and doing what others suggested rather than what her heart was telling her. So she thought best to get informed and so she read. Over a very short period the bookcase became full.

Delving deep into conscious parenting, psychology, learning, child development and spiritualism she was feeding her heart and mind with wisdom of many ages and cultures and would apply these learnings into her parenting immediately. A journey of learning and applying, trialing and reflecting. A dedication to her children’s wellbeing and her powerful role in shaping the future humans. This led to an ever expanding hunger for new research findings and heart-based parenting information. And so the bookshelf became bookshelves!

The more she learnt and adopted into her parenting style the more right it felt. No longer was she influenced by the mainstream culture. But instead looked to her heart for the decisions that she needed.

As she progressed with her learning voyage it allowed for a more peaceful way of relating with more honesty and connection to her children. It was more inclusive and the dynamic felt like they were doing this together; all learning, all on a journey of discovery, all making decisions and choices, and all part of a intergenerational micro-community. She thought to herself, could this new approach be a micro-solution to a peaceful society?

Looking around her community in 2013, Erica was inspired by the passionate people doing amazing things. She saw an opportunity for Luminous Youth to act as the bridge between creatives, passionate community members, environmental advocates, professionals and the youth of the community.

Luminous Youth has been running events since then. Arts, music, environmental action, spiritual practice, dance and so much more. Whilst embarking on this journey Erica found herself often sharing inspiration for parents too and conducted a range of interviews with people who’ve inspired her along the way.

In 2016 Paul joined the Luminous Youth team, and Luminous Youth welcome the birth of a new family member!.

In 2017 & 2018 Luminous Youth juggled writing, workshops and raising 4 kids, ranging from 16 yrs old to 2 years old. Erica wrote her first e-book published at the end of the year.

Together, we look forward to creating inspiring learning opportunities for the youth and their carers long into the future. Get in touch with us here.

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