Death introducing its self to our daughter in a beautiful heart felt way. 

A graceful  spirit in the form of a  fruit dove lay still and angelic. 

A gift of learning for our girl. 

A soft and gentle way of meeting with death. 

As her eyes are wide with wonder at the pretty colours this being has, she remarks quite matter of factly “Oh she’s left her body.”

We’ve decided to use that term, as for us it seems a more truthful description of what has occurred. 

She held the dove and looked closely at her claws letting them close around her little fingers and chatted feverishly about the amazing array of colours. 

She made her bed in a box and after awhile asked why all of the ants were coming?

I explained that Mother Earth had fed Dove with beautiful food her whole life and now it was time for her to feed mother earth with her body as she won’t be needing it now that she is returning to the worlds dream. To nourish the Earth and become part of the soil which feeds us all. 

She pondered that for a while  as  she fussed about. 

“Will we do that?” She said. 

“Yep” I answered with a smile and excitement in my eyes. 

I could see that was a big one. 

She left it there and asked if we could bury her later. 

“Sure” I replied. 

This lovely Dove was the centre of her play for the rest of the day. 

As I went about my day I kept seeing myself in my minds eye, spreading smoke medicine over our daughters body with this birds wings. 

This is something I once did a lot but haven’t felt drawn to for many years. 

So the next morning we had a simple little ceremony to tune in and thank the spirit of the bird for the gift and we created a beautiful medicine tool with her wings. 

Her first. 

The whole process was totally natural for her. Not once did she have anything but wonder and joy in her heart. 

And I know as her mother this is the unseen speaking directly to her. Beginning to teach her of all the aspects in the cycle of life. In the comings and goings of spirits. 

That our teachers coming in many different forms. 

In ways that she can embrace and understand. That are gentle and full of beauty. 

The subtle realms speak in whispers and potency. Humbleness and reverence always. 

This morning her papa and her took the body of this beautiful spirit down under the icecream bean tree that delights her with its gifts of sweetness and they returned her to the earth. She joyfully chose to sing Happy Birthday at the top of her lungs!! 

And then got on with her day. 

Her wings are drying in her play space beside her dolls house. 

And I sit here and ponder the beauty in that. Creation and death. Side by side always. I’ve done this with all of my children. I have watched and followed deaths lead. 

I have watched as they have felt brutal blows from death. Seemingly unfair and I’ve watched them time and time again call upon the early, more gentle  learnings for direction, solace and grounding. To have known death intimately with their very own hands has connected them to it. It is a great mystery but not an enigma to them. 

May we remember to parent along side of Mother Nature and the cycles of life. 

May we remember to make time to take her lead when it is called for and have the wisdom to know when that is. 

May we hear her whispers and take heed upon her direction. 

May we remember that we are in fact a small part of a dream so much bigger that us and enliven this glorious, soul nourishing connection within our children. 

In honour of the beautiful Fruit Dove. Our gentle teacher. 

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