Erica and Sally Cusack on Bay FM interview author, herbalist and wise women Susun Weed.

Erica's interview on Bay FM about plant intelligence, parenting and Luminous Youth.

Interview on Bay FM with Sally Cusack where Erica shares the Luminous Youth story.

Erica, Robin Grille, Annie Bryant talk about violence in childrens stories. Is it necessary or is it harming?

Paul being interviewed on Bay FM talking about what he feels about his journey to become a father. He was interviewed whilst Erica was pregnant.

Paul being interviewed after the birth of his daughter. He shares his experience of the birth and the journey of fatherhood in the first year.

Paul being interviewed before Renew Fest about renewing humanity's relationship with the earth through a focus on parenting.

Paul being interviewed on the Men's Show on Bay FM. Providing insights into his travels, his inspirations and the light he wishes to see in more eyes of our youth.



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