Luminous Youth had such a wonderful adventure sharing the ‘Magic of Trees’ workshop in 2019 and the hands-down favourite and most powerful part of the program was watching the kids play games that gave them an awareness and sense of their abilities and senses beyond the 5 everyday senses. So what better way to keep this celebration alive than introduce ‘12 Senses Play’ as a weekly activity for the Fire Flys of our community – the 6 – 8-year-olds.

‘12 Senses Play’ is all about fun, experimentation, collaboration, working together and discovering our ability to harness the power of presence and focus to do things that we sometimes forget are part of our natural human abilities. 

Leading your blindfolded partner through a man-made maze, sensing previously-trodden paths through touch only, or feeling vibratory feelings within the body, each week brings multiple games to explore and experiment. 

Designed to be fun, challenging, team-focused and exploratory these games celebrate the human beyond the physical realm and spirit nourishing practices are woven into these games.

These games are for everybody and do not require a pre-determined skill-set or physical ability. They are for all 6 – 8-year-old humans who want to have a good time with games that are quirky, unique, fun, sometimes challenging and all about giving it a go.

Sound interesting? Sound new!? Well, some of it is, but lots of these games are trialled and tested for their fun factor and pass with flying colours. But just in case you need some support to come along, your child’s first session is free! From then on, you can just drop in or save with a 5 class or term passes. 

Want to know more? Well join our Luminous Youth Facebook Group page and our newsletter and you won’t miss a beat or ENROL NOW!  We’ll be talking more about our games, the 12 senses and the impact of working on them and a bunch of other juicy heart-centred stuff that nourishes our spirit, but in this case the alive, bright and bubbling spirit of our little folk. 

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