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We are dedicated to providing joyful, fun and memorable experiences for young people that nourish their heart, their spirit and provide them with valuable life skills.

We present workshops and classes in Australia and online classes to the world.

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Byron Shire Journeys

Respect and gratitude to our teachers: Our Children, Thomas Berry, Pam Leo, Alfie Kohn, Rachelle Garcia, Gabor Mate, Simon Paul Harrison, Bill Plotkin, John Abbot, Doc Childre, Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird, Brian Swimme, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Nassim Haramein, Robin Grille, Naomi Aldort, John Holt, Marian De Souza, Rebecca Nye, James W. Peterson, Peter Slattery, Stephen Buhner and many more.

Online Classes

A Taste of Our Past Workshops

Seeds & The Power of Plants

When you look around you, probably 90% of what you see came from one tiny little seed. A seed that stored memory, timed its growth according to nature’s cycles, pushed through the earth to create a plant and then created thousands more seeds! Architecturally governed by guardians of other worlds and empowered by the nature spirits of our earth the intelligence of seeds and plants are undeniable and incredible. And their similarity to humans is exquisitely wonderful! This workshop highlights the sheer magnificence of seeds and our plant kingdom allies through experiential, practical and powerful exercises that celebrates the interconnectivity of life on earth and the power of energetic influences in the other realms too. For full program details and to make your booking select the series dates below. 



The Five Elements & Their Magic

An intricate relationship of earth, air, wind, fire bound by life force is prevalent within all life on our mother earth. Behind the scenes however, nature spirits wield their magic and support us and all living creatures to harness their energy as to thrive. And since the dawn of time across global cultures humans have practised working with the elements through movement, breath, prayer, ritual and a plethora of other avenues. Exploring these realms we set our youth on a journey to ignite awe and wonder, insight and enquiry into the wonderful intricacy of life on and beyond this physical plane. For full program details and to make your booking select the series dates below. 


Winter Solstice | June 19, 4pm

Families with youth aged 5-12 are invited to journey with us as we work with fire-flys and pythons, pine and turmeric. Seeking the wisdom of these allies to spiral inwards and ignite the fire within the realms of our soul.

Limited places, bookings essential



The Magic of Trees  | 6 – 12 yrs

Trees have a secret language. A language amongst themselves, a language to animals and if we listen really carefully a language to us as well. In this 5 week series our youth will explore the history of humans sacred relationship with trees, the secrets techniques of connecting with tree spirits and the energetic imprints of some ceremonial trees used across global cultures. They will experience group and individual practices with trees, learn about the interconnectedness of trees in our earthy cycles and a whole lot more natural magic to nourish their soulful selves.  

The Amazing Human Heart  | 6- 12 yr olds

Exploring the physical, emotional and spiritual centre of the human being – the amazing human heart. This series looks at the full functions of the human heart, and includes practices in movement, plant communication, sound, art, drama, geography, history, dreaming and more. We look at power of the heart to lead decision making and the role in plays in communicating beyond what our mouth can speak. A must for any youth wanting to experience their innate magical and incredible self beyond the physical realm.

Mabon Ritual & Celebration

Wednesday 20th March | 5pm – 6:30pm | Wilsons Creek

Come celebrate Autumn Equinox with us. Honouring the impending dark, thanking the waning light. Ancient practices, modern twists,  natural magic and insightful sparks into the age-long history of honouring our earthly cycles. Limited spaces – bookings essential. 

“Thank you so much for such a lovely Mabon ritual and beautiful sweet evening. And I know that was primarily for the children, and they loved it but I honestly feel something shifted in my heart this evening too, leaving me feeling more open and balanced. So thank you for that – it was really awesome!” Krishna

About Us

We are a blended family raising four children between the ages of 5 and 18. They have all been homeschooled, but in 2020 our eldest daughter decided to go to school.

We live in NSW Australia and are dedicated to nourishing the heart, spirit and wellbeing of children through the celebration of interconnectivity.

We present interconnectivity in a playful, joyous, fun and often funny way so that children can recognise themselves as an important and valued part of this Living Earth community.

Want to connect with us? We'd love to hear from you. 


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‘Worldview Matters! ONLINE’ The IONS Worldview Explorations Program in partnership with Luminous Youth | Cultivating Connection, Reflection and Collaboration – 20 week program

‘Worldview Matters! ONLINE’ The IONS Worldview Explorations Program in partnership with Luminous Youth | Cultivating Connection, Reflection and Collaboration – 20 week program

Luminous Youth with the support of the Institute of Noetic Science is creating a space for 9+ year olds to continue learning through a lense of curiosity, awe, reflection and practice. The ‘Worldview Matters!’ program supports learners individually and collectively to...

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