Christmas is an interesting time. It brings out the best and the worst in us. One thing that really triggers some of us at this time is the questions “Have you been good?” and “What are you GETTING?” These are habitually asked to our kids over and over again.

This communicated focus on consumerism erks some of us to no end. And asking a child “have you been good” is being manipulative and we will rant about this again in a future post.

Our youth should not be portrayed as “good” consumers through the questions we ask at Christmas time! A day that symbolises a great act of GIVING.

Soooo, we thought we would balance the scales. Of course receiving is super fun but so is GIVING!!!! We love watching our kids plotting away on secret little gifts for those not expecting to receive their creations of love. The excitement brings joy to our hearts!!

This video explains how Luminous Youth will get creative & have some fun GIVING to those who may not be receiving anything at this special time!! We hope that you will join us on Tuesday 6th December in Mullumbimby.

Thanks to Santos Organics and MiEco for your donations.

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