Thursday 29 June

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Coorabell Hall, Coolamon Scenic Drive, Coorabell

$22.50 pre sale, $30 on the door | Limited Tix

How elders can guide adolescents through the turbulence – A public workshop by Robin Grille

Strictly ADULTS only, no children to attend

This presentation is for parents, grandparents and teachers of adolescents – or of soon-to-be adolescents. Although it can be an exciting and transformative life-stage, adolescence can also be full of anguish, chaos and peril. It is not unusual for parents and elders to feel helpless, afraid and disconnected from their young.

Robin Grille – Sydney psychologist and internationally acclaimed author – will share empowering, compassionate and leading-edge information that will help you to better understand your teenaged (and twenty-something!) children. You will learn some practical communication skills for connecting with, supporting and if necessary confronting your young ones. Last but not least, you will find validation and support for the incredibly challenging role of being an elder, role model and guide for our youth.

Topics will include:

  • The evolutionary purpose of this distinct developmental stage
  • Why behaviour can seem ‘crazy’ at this time of life
  • The unique vulnerabilities of this stage
  • The life-long strengths that can be developed at this stage
  • The amazing changes that take place in the adolescent’s brain
  • Understand the devastating impact of shame – and what helps to heal it
  • How to unleash the mobilising power of intrinsic motivation
  • Vocational healing – how this works
  • How adolescent passion can lead to peace and success
  • How our honest self-disclosure can act as a guide
  • Practical skills for communicating and connecting with adolescents
  • How you can tap your own adolescent experiences as a source of wisdom and insight
  • How your adolescent chid is growing you up!

Please bring your questions, as there will be time for Q&A.


Tea and after dinner snacks available.

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Who's Attending

48 people are attending Adolescence! The Awkward Age? or The Age of Magnificence? – Thursday 29 June 7pm – 9pm

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  • Binnie O'Dywer
  • Daniela Andre
  • Renae Christina
  • Pia Cowley
  • Tara Luca
  • Dalee Ella
  • Nicola Byrne
  • Shenoha Batho
  • Branca Mircev
  • Andrew Hamilton
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  • Valley Lipcer
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  • Rebecca Kocass
  • Louise Ovcar
  • Gregory Nom Chong
  • Steve Dyer
  • Caspar Brace
  • Claire Patterson
  • Julie Whitehead
  • Michael Umback
  • Joey Vegetable
  • Lois Worlidge
  • Eka Eiff
  • Caroline Jones
  • Ananda Davis
  • Ellie Stinson
  • Lisa Grant
  • Adrianna Soulis
  • Melinda Flower
  • Peta Marks
  • Julie Lipsett
  • Donna Grey
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