Luminous Youth had a wondrous journey in 2019. Some parts were glorious, some parts were challenging. The glorious for example was seeing little faces light up as they learnt messages about their power or the wow-ness when they actually saw the light of their own heart.  

Some of the challenging, on the other hand, for example, was trying to deliver workshops to children aged 6 – 12-year-olds without the older kids at times getting frustrated with the little younger wildlings boisterousness! Oh the adventure it was!

So, we’ve listened to you dear community and are really excited to offer the 9+ children – the Fire Dragons- their very own space for a pilot program filled with games, laughter and creativity about their Invisible Self.

These sessions are focused on providing our children with an opportunity to explore the non-physical realms of humanity and themselves through games, play and creativity. 

It may be their thoughts, or their dreams, their values or their habits. It may be the astral world or the elementals, the universal mind or the ego. Whatever it is each week, it places importance on their self-awareness and fans the fire within their heart. But in case you want to know what is happening each week, it will go on our Facebook Group page prior to the actual session – so make sure you are connected with us there with notifications turned on.

With adolescences just around the corner, ‘The Invisible Me’ sessions deliver a fun, safe, non-denominational space to explore their spirit and thus places importance on this aspect of themselves. It delivers thought and feeling provoking exercises that encourage inner searching but not in a boring or overly serious way – but instead in a playful, joyful, light-hearted way. 

Why is this important you may ask? So that when adolescents does hit and the hormonal surge forces new searching to take place, these luminous little humans have the tools, awareness and ability to search inwards to explore themselves. A necessity to have at the forefront of the mind & heart when the dominant culture presents another alternative way to search during adolescent years. 

Sound interesting? We hope so, and we hope to inspire your child to understand their true power and the sheer magnificence of themselves. After all, we all were simply just stardust once right? But look at us now! 

Want to know more? Well join our Luminous Youth Facebook Group page and our newsletter and you won’t miss a beat. We’ll be talking more about our games, our topics and the impact of

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