Youth ARE changing the world. They have come to do so. Whether we are ready or not, the paradigm is fundamentally changing. Ive known this would happen since i can remember and it feels so good to see it happening on so many different levels.

We loved hosting Xiuhtezcatl at Uplift and he continues to power forward. This is Xiuhtezcatl in a meeting with the Prime Minister of Bhutan and the head of the world bank Jim Yong Kim before the – GEF Investing in our Planet Conference.

But it doesnt have to look like this. We are all coded with a different mission. For some it is clear from the beginning for others it takes time and is more subtle. But as long as we are tuning into our own personal calling we are holding a vibration that is much needed for this shift to be smoother. It WILL happen, no question. But how smoothly is up to us!!

Tune in mummas, pappas, grandparents, carers and Luminous youth to your own unique code and BE it!! You’ve never been so supported to do so. Even when it doesn’t look that way. So many in the unseen worlds have your back!!!

Sending love from my heart to yours!!!

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