One of the most profound changes Ive noticed that has made its way into my life since becoming pregnant with my fourth child is the strength of my emotions. And I don’t use the word strength lightly. Grief, insecurity and loss have arisen like a tidal wave as well as bliss, a feeling of “all knowing” and love, deep deep love. Navigating that can be interesting to say the least.
A phrase Im hearing and reading often goes a little like this ” The emotions of pregnancy are JUST your hormones.”
My intuition ( that has also kicked in another level by the way ) screams a big NO!
Its waaaaaay more than that. Not only do hearing sentences like that leave me feeling completely unvalidated and unheard, it kind of insinuates that these emotions will just magically evaporate when the hormones “go away”.
I strongly believe mother nature does NOT mess up! That there is a divine and wise reason for all things. That when we take the time to open up to the purpose of each and every one of them we are privy to the wisdom it quietly or not so quietly offers us……hormones included. I also happen to see my journey as a mother and a partner as an opportunity for deep spiritual growth….ashram style ; )
So the latest scientific research is conclusively saying that all of the deep issues and trauma we hold in our cells and DNA is in fact passed onto our children. Generation to generation. ( Bruce Lipton, Robin Grille & Gabor Matè have very specific information on this subject ) So could this be an extremely wise plan and an awesome opportunity to face, understand, release and heal these “issues” or “emotions” that in life before pregnancy we were able to neatly tuck away?
Could it be that “hormones” trigger these to arise and offer us this last opportunity to not pass them down to the being growing inside our wombs? I feel yes…..The emotions that have strongly arisen within me are core issues of self worth that have been carried for generations. They are strong. I feel completely unable to ignore them.
Somedays I feel like Im on my knees and I wont ever get up. That I have absolutely no idea how to get through the waves of emotion and out the other side.
But heres the thing Im sure of.
111% positive of……Mother Nature does NOT mess up!! She is the ultimate mother. She is my mother and I trust her to hold me. I find space in the tears, the anger, the frustration to STOP, LISTEN and UNDERSTAND. It is powerful work! It is important work! For after all we are giving birth to the next generation.
We are powerful creators of the future! I see that parenthood can be a type of activism. “Be that change you wish to see in the world.”
Gandhi IMAGINE a world where all parents took radical self responsibility. Listened to the genuine deep emotions that arise during pregnancy and parenthood and gave them the reverence and respect of an honoured teacher. If we didn’t just brush it off as “just being hormonal” and weren’t too busy to hear the value.
IMAGINE if we didn’t pass this on to the growing life inside!
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