Please, please remember your worth.

Please take a moment to close your eyes,
feel into your heart,
and tap into the truth of just how powerful your job is as a game changer at this time in history.Can you feel it?Ooooohhh they have been so clever to down play the role of raising our youth.
But the youth are waking us up!
In the womb they whisper to our hearts,
As toddlers they stand strong in what they need,
As children their love is unbridled,
In the schools they rebel.Let us, the adults, just stop our overly busy “important” lives for just one moment, this moment, and feeeeel into what is happening here. What is being asked of us?We are the change makers being called to honour and assist the evolution of humanity.

This IS our mission.The names mum, dad, step-parent, grandparent, teacher, carer are playing down the truth.
If we could consciously birth our babies in peace,
If we could raise them in love with nature and all living things,
If we could support their natural unfolding and trust that their passions are messages from source itself,
If we could model courage and fearlessness,
If we could love them when our conditioning tells us they deserve it least,
If we could transparently and sincerely apologise when we mess up,
If we could laugh with them every day,
and most importantly if we could give all of this to ourselves,
Can you imagine the tidal wave of change that would wash over this planet?Can you begin to see just how important you are?
What a true activist you are?
Can you begin to imagine how much backing you have in the unseen worlds?I know how tired you get,
how busy you are,
how much you doubt yourself,
how hard you try with no thanks and zero recognition,
I see the tears you shed,
the frustration that wells up inside you,
your yearnings that go unfulfilled and unnoticed.But please, please know this,
your are deeply deeply appreciated,
you are backed 111% to create change,
You are “seen”
you are so so important,
and you have in your power the ability to create human beings that have not walked this earth for a long time.
When you are weary dear change maker take a moment to breath in the abundant energy that flows to us from the stars, the earth, the trees & plants, the water, the animals and know without a shadow of a doubt that your work as a conscious parent or carer of our next generation is some of the most important work on this planet and you are backed and loved more than you could ever imagine for a very simple reason…..IT IS TIME!

image by francehart

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