Harvest and then create with intention:
🍃Handcrafted fresh Motherwort Vinegar – Saturday 8 September, 2018
🍃Handcrafted fresh Mugwort body oil – Saturday 6 October, 2018
🍃Handcrafted Motherhood ritual smoke bundle – Saturday 10 November, 2018
ALL SESSIONS: 10am – 1pm @ Wilsons Creek
$50 per session
Book for all three & receive 20% off plus my soon to be released e-book “Plants as Elders – The Witchcraft of Motherhood | My journey with Motherwort’ as my gift to you.
Bookings essential as strictly limited spaces.
All materials required and plants are supplied, and either harvested on-site by you or acquired from organic distributors.
You are invited to come and tap into your ancestral connections.
Activating the part of you that remembers the ways of the wise woman.
It resides in our blood and bone.
It is within all of nature.
Humble, invisible and powerful ways that foremothers have practiced in their homes for all of time.
When using these magics we strengthen our abilities to connect into the subtle realms. This is an unsurpassed skill of motherhood.
To be sensitive enough to communicate beyond words is how we truly understand our children.
Plants can teach us this.
– In this workshop, we will be working with the herb and the spirit of the different plants to create your own healing tools for Motherhood.
– You will have the opportunity to connect with and harvest some or all of those plants willing to be a part of your co-creation.
-You will experience connecting with the plant Being for the purpose of understanding tangible challenges we face as mothers.
– You will take home a creation of your own doing. All jars/ plants/ oils / vinegars supplied.
-You will experience this with a small group of mothers in deep connection.
-You will have the opportunity to reawaken or strengthen the part of yourself that exists in other realms and apply that to motherhood and simple, powerful kitchen magic.
-You will be reminded of a time when these ways were revered and were commonplace.
-You will learn of how women sealed these secrets within the fabric of nature and themselves for a time when it was safe to reawaken these ways.
Now is that time.
Herbal tea and cake provided at each session.
To confirm your booking, deposit into below account with your name and selected workshop date.
PR and ES Crebar
BSB 722744
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