The Magic of Trees – Sept 2020 – 6 – 8 year olds (AU/NZ)

Trees have a secret language. A language amongst themselves, a language to animals and if we listen really carefully a language to us as well.

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Trees have a secret language. A language amongst themselves, a language to animals and if we listen really carefully a language to us as well. In this 4 week online series our little people will explore the history of humans sacred relationship with trees, the simple techniques of connecting with trees, the unseen realms of trees and will practice using their human-senses beyond the conventional five. This series includes online classes and home-play which is necessary for our little people to embody the learnings. 

This course runs over 4 weeks on Thursdays 10:00am – 10:30am AEST and is suitable for 6 – 8 year olds.

Week 1: Thursday September 3
Week 2: Thursday September 10
Week 3: Thursday September 17
Week 4: Thursday September 24

Materials required:

  • A4 paper
  • A3 paper – Week 2
  • Portable listening device for home-play whilst in nature
  • Drawing pencil
  • Colour pencil

Week 1

  • Understanding of the interconnected web-of-life and the entwined relationship of humans and trees
  • Discovery of tree intelligence and how they communicate between themselves

Home-play: Recording of Shinrin Yoku practice 1

Week 2

  • Exploration of the 12 human senses we can use to connect with trees

Home-play: Four recordings to understand and practice using our senses beyond the conventional five.

Week 3

  • An exploration of Nature Spirits Vs Devas Vs Elementals including drawing and creative expression

Home-play: One recording for a guided Shinrin Yoku Practice

Week 4

  • Understanding practices to create patterns within our energy to connect with trees
  • Understanding how to use the receiving aspect of our imagination

Home-play: Two recordings each aligning with one practice from Week 4 learnings.

Contribution: Pay what you feel between AU$24 – $48 for the four-week program.

Students will need access to a computer, microphone preferable but optional, and will be sent a web link for the video-class each week. They will also need a device to listen to the recordings each week. We use the fully secure and private Google Meet for our classes. No software download is required but internet access is necessary.

We like to support the learning of our students by encouraging reflection, self-enquiry, presentation, discussion and drawing. This class will also include some video clips, and you will be sent optional exploration activities and games to undertake after the class at any time that is practical for the learner and the family.

All learners will have the opportunity to engage with us and present their ideas and thoughts to the group as we progress through the classes. Presenting is not essential but we love hearing what these little luminous humans have to share.

* Please note we need a minimum of 6 attendants and a maximum of 8 attendants in order for this workshop to proceed effectively. You will receive a full refund if a cancellation occurs.


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