ONLINE: The Amazing Human Heart – 6-8 year olds | $5-10p/wk

Four-week course (30 min per week) for 6-8 year olds showcasing discoveries of modern science to explore the heart – its role in the body, exploration of global heart-based practices, and uncovering its immense power in accurate decision making.

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This course runs over 4 weeks on Thursdays 11am – 11:30am AEST.

Week 1: Thursday June 11
Week 2: Thursday June 18
Week 3: Thursday June 25
Week 4: Thursday July 2

Contribution: Contribute what you want between AU $5-10 per week / $20 – $40 for the 4 sessions.

In this 4 week class for our Fire Flys (6-8 year olds) we cover several aspects of the human heart as per the weekly guide below. No prior knowledge or experience is essential.

Students will need access to a computer, microphone preferable but optional, and will be sent a web link for the video-class each week. We use the fully secure and private Jitsi Meet for our classes. No software download is required but internet access is necessary.

We like to support the learning of our students by encouraging reflection, self-enquiry, lecture, discussion and drawing. This class will also include some video clips, and you will be sent optional exploration activities and games to undertake after the class at any time that is practical for the learner and the family.

All learners will have the opportunity to engage with us and present their ideas and thoughts to the group as we progress through the classes. Presenting is not essential but we love hearing what these little luminous humans have to share.

Week 1
• How the first cells of a human baby form the heart.
• How the heart is the central organ of communication within the human body.
• How and why it communicates and changes its behaviour based on its communication with all other organs.

Week 2
• How the heart and brain work together in decision making.
• Heart-brain coherence and its impact on decision making.
• Practice: Using a loving memory to create heart coherence.

Week 3
• A historical look at how different cultures have used sound to create heart-resonance
• A look at how and why group heart coherence can impact others using the case study on Washington Group Meditation as the basis. (
• Practice: Freeze Frame – tool to manage emotional surges through increasing heart/brain coherence.

Week 4
• How historically Ancient Egyptians used the heart to explore learnings within dreams.
• How historically Ancient Tibetans used a heart-practice to find their purpose.
• Heart Lock-In Practice for seeking confidence and clarity in decision making.

* Please note this class needs 6 attendants to go ahead and has a maximum class size of 10.
** Home-play activities will be provided but are not essential to the course completion.

At the completion of this course, learners will have developed an understanding about how to use the magic of their heart to support their lifelong learning, thriving and well-being.

What others have said about this program:

“I want to let you know how much my two kids got out of your amazing human heart series! They so often talk about how their heart has guided them, check each other’s heartbeat to see how fast or slow it is and talk about what they were doing to contribute to that. I think what you offer ripples through in many beautiful ways.” – Ruth

“Paul is a wonderful mentor and teacher. It’s a special privilege to have access to these classes.” – Sophia

“She shared with us lovely things she learned about the heart field.” – Filipa

“I find the program for this workshops awesome! It aligns well with our homeschooling journey; we endeavour to weave together the body, mind and spirit in our re/learnings. ” – Sheryl

“It’s wonderful to be apart of something so magical and nourishing.” – Hannah

“He showed me his book proudly straight away and how the heart is stronger than the brain. I sensed he loved learning this material. Thank you!!” – Ayla


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