LIMINAL- Mugwort & Rosemary Infused Oil – 50ml (AU deliverly only)


We live in a time where it’s more important than ever to be connected to our authentic selves, our wild selves, the truth of “The Mother.”
She is far more powerful than this culture would have us believe. As the one who is most often closest to raising the next generation, she holds in her grasp the ability to vision and create great change.

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Weaving in and out of the  Liminal realms.
Harvesting wisdom from the other worlds.
Creating new ways of being through seeing beyond our physical reality.
Transversing between the worlds under the protection and guidance of Mugwort.
Dreams, visions and insights pass safely back clear and vivid with Rosemary.
Toning and bringing balance and awareness to the reproductive system
Deepen and enrich meditation

Herbal Body Oils have a profound effect on the Nervous, Endocrine and Immune systems!!!.
Our skin is primed to absorb fat-based substances and so our nerves instantaneously take in the plant medicine.
Herbal Body Oiling is perfect for Empaths and Highly Sensitive folk as it creates a protective layer around the body and soothes overwhelm.
Handcrafted infused herbal oil is made by hand using the whole plant (Not Essential Oil) keeping vibration of the plant intact.

Plants are organic and infused slowly over three moons in potent Olive Oil grown and made in SE Queensland.

By Herbal Body Oiling daily we get to know our body and create an intimate relationship with it. We get to know and understand ourselves in a deeper more profound way bring us closer to a deep sense of self love.

We get our lymph glands moving and active allowing the body to effectively move toxins through.
ALL our ancestors practised some form of herbal body Oiling.
Honouring and awakening the part of us that remembers.

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