Luminous Youth Academy Annual Membership

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Membership for Luminous Youth Academy of Natural Magic.

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In order to attend our workshop series youth must be members of our Academy.

Annual membership provides the youth with all materials required to complete our workshops.

New membership includes our custom made medicine bag and ‘Inner Vision Blindfold’. All memberships including the first include unlimited supply of art books, colour and lead pencils and other stationary for the completion of the workshops.

Academy Membership includes:

  1. Custom Luminous Youth Medicine Bag
  2. Custom Inner Vision Blindfold
  3. Unlimited Drawing pads
  4. 12 Colour Pencils in cardboard tube
  5. HB pencils
  6. Rubber and other stationary

Initial annual membership price $32.00
Returning annual membership price $22 (does not include bag or inner vision blindfold)


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