“Our words weave the future, our spells cast the path”
– Paul Crebar

Spells – They are nothing new….well they are actually very old.
Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and more always used the spoken word to influence an outcome for it is said when you speak words it brings attention to the minds eye and the intention is strengthened.
Our spells are exactly for that.
Post them on your fridge, put them in your pocket or stick them on your mirror – use them to cast the future you wish to see….|and so it will be.

All our spells are free to print or can be purchased as a high quality framed print. They are created with the intention to remind us, to inspire us and to nourish us so that together we create luminous youth for many generations to come. Thank you for joining us.

Let us support you, let us nourish you.
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