Families are like quilts. Lives pieced together, stitched with smiles and tears, coloured with memories and bound by love”  ~ Maxine Meiklejohn

I saw my 11 yr old daughter looking at our tree with such pride in her eyes. I to, love our crazy, funny christmas tree. Its a metaphor for our family life. A perfect reflection of our imperfection. To someone else it may look chaotic. As though someone has gotten the bag of decorations and thrown it at the tree. (which in actual fact. is a palm frond and  the decorations were carefully placed!) To others it may look unmatching and a conglomeration of different themes mashed together. There is Christmas stuff,  religious suff,  native american stuff,  a pirate, decadent glass love hearts,  faeries, recycled stuff,  new stuff and just random unrelated stuff like a hand knitted Lama finger puppet. Every single one of them has a past, a story, a meaning.

So yes it truly is a perfect representation of our family. Of our unorganised, messy haired, unshoed, clothes stained in mud, loving, expressive, unpredicatable and super fun family.  Of life.  Of a home where children (and adults) are free to create their own life.

Sometimes our life does feel like this tree looks.  Its can feel chaotic and unmatching and way too many things being crammed into one house. BUT it also feels alive! It feels as though its ever evolving into something completely different. There is learning going on left right and centre as well as debates, things being lost, cartwheels through the lounge room, paper planes above your head and giggles fill all of the corners. Its definitely NOT linear, or neat.

Some of the time I haven’t a clue what they are learning. I have to tap right in to deep wells of trust that all is unfolding perfectly. Some of the time it is as clear as day that they are learning things that blow my mind!!! Other times they are still. I’m learning to trust the breaks. That we all need to pause.

In this culture linear neatness is congratulated. But Im going with our Christmas tree, which in itself is hilarious because I don’t really even celebrate christmas. I much prefer summer solstice. Even so I am going to celebrate the art of allowing,  the art of individuality,  the art of finding peace in the chaos,  the art of appreciating things as they are and not trying to change or manipulate them to our own preference and most of all I am going to celebrate the art of LOVE! In all its imperfection and unpredictability.

I think that is just what the world needs right now….more messy christmas trees!

messy christmas tree

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