We honour the human heart; it’s ability to love, communicate, lead an individual to joy and peace and it’s role in connecting all life. We appreciate that from love that creativity may spring forth.


We empower youth and their parents to encourage the expression of truth, creativity and passion. We are driven to allow youth to become leaders; of their life path and their decisions. We encourage everyone to explore their inner nature to find what ignites their enthusiasm.


We celebrate the diversity of the earth, its plants, ecosystems and its inhabitants. We celebrate individual’s uniqueness, their diverse interests and their life path. We honour the earth and its diverse landscapes to be places of powerful learning and inspiration.


We respect children, other parents and earth in all that we do. We encourage others to exhibit a strong sense of care for self, others and the planet.


We seed new ideas and new passions in parents and youth  as to encourage us all to find purpose and  joy throughout our daily lives, our professions and our relationships.

Fun & Laughter

We celebrate fun and laughter in our daily lives. We respect that fun excels learning and laughter brings health to the body and mind.

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