Luminous Youth has a commitment to human and community prosperity, and ecological sustainability for the youth of our world.  We offer transformative workshops in the Byron Shire (online program coming soon), seasonal events, online skype chats, inspiration for parents & more. Stay tuned for our youth empowerment shop coming soon. 
Drawing on the harmonious wisdom of ancient cultures, cutting-edge science, spiritualism, true history & raw experience, we aim to inspire a radical reinterpretation of how we educate and raise our youth.


Luminous Youth is an experimental space for us to explore new ways of educating, relating and parenting. Through immersive workshops (online program coming soon) parents, carers and youth delve into a full range of conscious subjects chosen by both the founders and the community. A blend of unique topics are presented in a collaborative environment to encourage the participants to dig deep and experience the topics fully. On top of this we hope to inspire real-world outcomes for those taking our programs.


We love getting inspired by experts in their field and often interview them to get a deeper understanding about the impacts affecting our youth and their development. Our latest online skype chat is “For The Love Of Learning- Passion Led Learning” with the founder of Luminous Youth Movement Erica Nettle-Chik, Robin Grille, Michelle E Barone and Laine Liberte.


A wise person once said “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children” and we couldn’t agree more. If you’d like to be inspired to allow your children to thrive into passionate, creative, forward thinking, present and respectful adults then come on in and get a healthy does of inspiration here. We’ve got books to recommend, articles to inspire, video’s to make you laugh, cry and celebrate and a whole lots more.


From 'her' and from 'him. About motherhood, fatherhood and raising luminous youth.


Video's, articles, books and more. Our favourite pieces to inspire courage and amplify love - for all parents of the world. 

Interviews by Us

We speak to psychologists, coaches, parenting specialist, mothers, sound healers and more.

On the Radio

Paul & Erica share stories, antidotes, reflections and more on radio.

Medicine Drum Making with Umaji Creations & Luminous Youth

Umaji Creations join us for a wonderful creative adventure into the making of a vegan medicine drum. Gabe has been drum making for as long as he can remember, first being inspired to upcycle things as a child. He tells the story of the realisation he had when he...

On a quest to empower our youth…

Our inspiration It really struck me strongly when a few years back I heard Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee speak about how bringing ritual back into our culture will create a greater, stronger and more real connection with the spirit of our earth. For ourselves and our youth. A...

Beltane Seasonal Celebration | Monday 30th October

Beltane, the time of fertility! Mullum S.E.E.D & Luminous Youth invite you to celebrate with us. A seasonally inspired ritual based workshop to inspire connection with self, other and this beautiful earth for youth and their parents. Facilitated by Paul Crebar...


Coming soon...


Our online shop is full of small gifts that are empowering our youth. The youth create arts & crafts for sale to fund their passion projects and causes they care about most. Coming soon…

Luminous Youth is a
not-for-profit project of Mullum S.E.E.D.